What is Link Juice?

Simply put, link juice refers to high quality backlinks links that are placed on high quality authority sites provide credibility to your own website, and therefore you can gain some pagerank from your link being placed on their site.

One of the best ways to gain pagerank is through backlinks, or links that point back to your website.   In the past it was easy to have your link posted all over the internet on forums,  blogs, and through link sharing programs, however now this is an easy way for your website to get penalized.  When focusing on a link building strategy it is important to research which websites in your niche have a high pagerank, or authority.   Once these sites are determined you will want to try to get a backlink placed on them.  Additionally, don’t just have links pointing back to your main page,  try to have links pointing to multiple different pages on your website.

There are multiple strategies to generate backlinks, some of these  include :  guest blogging,  webinars,  youtube videos,  pitch an idea to a journalist or website to write about a topic and include you, Produce high quality content that people want to share organically.